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Passionate About Holistic Healing

Olga Gorodetsky, Reiki Master, Sonic Massage Practitioner, Mindfulness Teacher and
a certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. I define myself as "a global citizen with a local focus". My life goal is to help create health and happiness in the global world by guiding each individual client to find inner peace, self-love, and to live their best, healthy and happy life. I speak optimism, personal power, positivity and self-accountability to every person I meet.

I was born and raised in Soviet Ukraine in a family of healers, teachers, and scientists. Since a young age, I was fascinated by humans' ability to heal themselves if given the opportunity and desire. My great-grandfather was an energy healer in his village in central Ukraine. My grandfather was an MD with holistic approach, which included many specializations - from family medicine to delivering babies, performing general surgeries, using physical therapy methods, to designing natural potions. I observed my father making full recovery after deadly heart attack using meditation, power of intention, and energy healing.


After graduating college, I moved to Israel with my husband. In 1997, I relocated to St. Louis to raise my family in the USA. I started to develop my own spiritual practices and healing methods since 2007, as a way to deal with stress, illness and depression. In 2020, a breast cancer diagnosis prompted me to dig deeper into mind and body connections, to call on my healing powers and to observe the many miracles on my way to full recovery.


I am an imperfectly perfect human - a wife of 35+ years, a mother of 2 beautiful grown kids, a supporter of 2 aging parents, and a caretaker of 2 golden-age animals. I am a biker, skier, hiker, global traveler, creative cook, yoga, meditation and mindfulness practitioner, an artist, an intuitive healer, a nature lover and a lifetime learner.


I founded UHEALYOU to help individuals to heal their bodies and minds, to achieve balance, to release mental, emotional, and physical stress, and to find inner peace. I specialize in supporting breast cancer patients, focusing on mental and physical stress relief, life-work balance, intuitive self-healing, radical self-acceptance, anti-aging, and vitality.


  • Reiki Healing Sessions

  • Sonic Massage Sessions

  • Holistic Health Coaching

  • Mindfulness & Wellness Education Classes


  • Certified Reiki Master

  • Certified Sound Massage Level 2 Practitioner

  • Group Sound Therapy Facilitator

  • IIN Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

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