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Teaching Mindfulness Through Action

Olga Gorodetsky - Reiki Master, Sound Massage Practitioner, and Holistic Health & Wellness coach. Olga defines herself as a "global citizen with a local focus". Her life goal is to help create health and happiness in the global world through the ripple effects of self-love, healthy living, and human connection.

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Olga was born and raised in Ukraine in a family of healers, teachers, and scientists. After graduating college, she left the Soviet Union and moved to Israel with her husband. In 1997, Olga relocated to St. Louis to raise her family in the USA. For over 25 years, Olga has held various IT (Information Technology) leadership positions in Corporate America. Olga started to develop her spiritual practices and healing methods since 2007, as a way to deal with stress and illnesses. In 2020, a breast cancer diagnosis prompted Olga to dig deeper into mind and body connections, to exercise her healing powers and to observe the many miracles on her way to full


Olga is an imperfectly perfect human - a wife of 30+ years, a mother of 2 beautiful grown kids, a supporter of 2 aging parents, and a caretaker of 2 golden-age animals. She is a biker, skier, hiker, global traveler, creative cook, yoga and mindfulness practitioner, an artist, an intuitive healer, a nature lover, and a lifetime learner.


  • Reiki & Sound Massage Sessions

  • Holistic Health Coaching

  • Mindfulness & Wellness Education Classes


  • Certified Reiki Master

  • Certified Sound Massage Level 2 Practitioner

  • IIN Holistic Health & Wellness Coach


Mindfulness Workshops
Mindfulness classes will be focused on promoting self-love, well-being and harmony in each participant's life. Each class is delivered in a safe and supportive environment and is a fusion of several healing modalities: Meditation, Reiki, Sound, Journaling, and Aromatherapy. By combining these modalities, participants are able to explore core issues of their being and experience being in the moment and long lasting feeling of peace. Upon completing these series, each individual will be able to establish his/her own self-care practice of intuitive mediation, journaling and aromatherapy. 

Starting Mondays, March 6th, 2023 from 6 PM - 7:15 PM. The 4-part series offered as a series or individual classes:

  • March 6 -"Forgiveness" of self and others

  • March 13 - "Forgiveness part 2" restoring relationships and conquering jealousy 

  • March 20 - "Letting Control Go" as a way to conquer fear and anxiety

  • March 27 - "Gratitude as a spiritual practice"


The price of each class is $50, and duration is 75 minutes. Discounts and free benefits are available, when attending more than one class.

  • 1 class = $50

  • 2 classes = $100 + 2 free oils ($20 free benefits)

  • 3 classes = $140 +3 free oils ($40 free benefits)

  • 4 classes = $180 + 4 free oils ($60 free benefits)


*Limited spaces available, booking recommended ASAP.

Whole Foods Spring Cleanse

Inspired by AYURVEDA Rituals series. Classes are Mondays from 6 PM - 7 PM for 4 weeks starting April 3rd, 2023. Full class breakdown is below:

  • April 3

  • April 10

  • April 17

  • April 24

Please contact us for more details or questions.

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